About RSA

The company was originally established in 1956 in Burbank, California, as a company whose primary products were non-metallic aircraft components. In 1961, the company designed and produced the first “Peri-Seal” connector in which designs are still incorporated into aircraft today. With the design of the Peri-Seal Connector, the company expanded the design capability into high pressure pneumatic aircraft ducting.

In 1970, the company was acquired by Bestobell Limited, an aerospace low-pressure ducting and elastomeric seal company through which they successfully expanded new product development and customer service. In 1986, Meggitt PLC acquired Bestobell Limited and merged the company with AVICA. In 2006, AVICA was renamed Meggitt Thermal Systems to reflect the businesses’ relationship with sister companies across the Meggitt group as well as its growing thermal systems capability. On August 10th 2012 RSA Engineered Products acquired Meggitt Thermal Systems and is continuing the long tradition of Aerospace excellence.