Ozone Converters

As one of the few companies worldwide that specializes in the design and manufacture of ozone converters for aerospace applications, RSA brings to the market the most cost effective solution for our customers ozone conversion needs for Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Fuel Tank Inerting Systems (FTIS), and On-Board Inert Gas Generation Systems (OBIGGS).

All of RSA’s fail-safe Ozone Converters are custom designed to our customer’s specifications and utilize a conversion core offering superior flow characteristics that minimizes pressure-drop and weight while providing market-leading ozone removal efficiency per flight hour.

RSA Ozone Converters can be found on commercial narrow/wide-body, military, and business jet platforms, providing superior performance while also offering the option to be refurbished numerous times which optimizes the cost of ownership for the end user.

Ozone Converter Application Form